The 1982 Brazilian Football Team

The 1982 Brazilian Football Team is one of world’s greatest Football Teams despite the fact that it didnt win the World Cup.

Nevertheless, the Team is remembered for its authentic and unique style of attacking football which represented a Nation with Socrates and Zico now being regarded as 2 of the greatest attacking midfielders of all time.

The team’s 4-2-2-2 formation also became iconic.

In a thrilling 1982 World Cup that saw Brazil facing Italy in the Semis after beating the Soviet Union, Sotland, New Zealand and Argentina, Brazil faced Italy in a semi-final that would redefine the game.

Despite exhibiting flair and technique, the Brazilians lost to the more disciplined and tactical Italians.

Italy won the game 3-2, and in doing so demonstrated that the future of football lay in a more synchronised tactical approach than individual flair.

Some have gone as far as saying that the Birth of the modern game in 1982 was the day football died.

Check out the documentary on the 1982 Brazilian Team as well as the full match with Italy below.