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The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Extraterrestrial Agenda

The subject of ‘Aliens’, and particularly the “Anunnaki” is controversial and polarising.

The question of the Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Extraterrestrial agenda becomes important when we want to discern whether Aliens are a force for good or evil in the Universe.

For most people like myself, simple curiosity is the reason they research the subject and the reactions differ depending on the outcome.

Those that conclude that there is good grounds to suggest an Extraterrestrial presence, will largely fall into two camps:

a) Those that believe Aliens are benevolent and are there to help Mankind, and;

b) Others that believe that Aliens are the most vile and malevolent threat to Humanity.

I fall into the latter category, and my reasons ultimately lie in the fact the material I have come across so far suggests the presence of highly intelligent and manipulative Entities on Earth at some point in our History, and possibly to the present day.

My own personal investigation has become more than a simple ‘do they exist or not?’ issue, for the simple reason that if they do exist, then we really need to pay attention to some of the questions raised.

The History Of Ancient Man According To The Ancient Astronaut Theory

Zechariah Sitchin is known for the AAT through his famous and in some circles, infamous work, ‘The 12th Planet’ and the ‘Earth Chronicles’ Book set that evolved out of it.

Whilst there has been legitimate criticism levelled at Sitchin, the overall picture that emerges from his entire body of work is that Society as we know it has been Engineered from the outset.

This was accomplished by the introduction of the First known Civilization according to both mainstream History and the AAT in Sumeria in the region of Mesopotamia in modern day Iraq.

‘Civilization’ in Sumer was in my view the first model of a Technocracy on Earth.

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The elements of this Technocracy include the first instances of Technology like the Plough, Wheel, Agriculture, Governance through Laws enforced by a selected Priesthood and ‘Divine Kingship’, and Astronomy which is linked to the concepts of ‘Time’, ‘Religion’ and a Prototype Monetary system in which Human Economic activity such as the payment of ‘Wages’ and ‘Debt’ is scaled according to ‘Time’.

These concepts did not exist at all to Stone Age Man, and still don’t exist amongst other Native Tribes around the world like the San of the Kalahari Desert who were not ‘Civilized’.

Aliens Anunnaki Are Not Our Friends

Civilization, Religion and Mass Social Control

The concept of ‘Civilization’ from its earliest form appears to have been developed as Mass Social Control system.

It would seem the elements of the system were all founded on the fictitious concept of ‘Earthly Time’ which was created by observing the few Planets around the Earth even though there is an Enitre Universe out there.

Why would be a few local Celestial motions around one Planet be so significant in the bigger scheme of the Universe?

Indeed, according to Zechariah Sitchin ‘Time’ in Ancient Times did not have a single meaning.

It was divided into:

Earthly Time was measured according to the Earth’s Solar orbit divided into 365 days and 12 Months or Lunar Cycles.

Celestial Time on the other hand, related to the cycle of movement of the 12 Star Constellations (Zodiac Signs/Houses) observable from the Earth, and also known as the ‘Precession Of The Equinoxes’.

The Precessionary cycle is measured in ‘months’ named according to the Constellation aka Zodiac House/Sign visible from Earth. The cycle spans a period of (approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the Constellations appear to slowly rotate around the Earth.

We are presently finishing the ‘age of Pisces’ and will be soon entering the ‘age of Aquarius’. There is a growing weight of evidence, that this cycle was recognised in Ancient Times going as far back as the age of Leo as represented by the Sphinx at Giza.

Divine Time was based on the Orbit of the Anunnaki Home Planet Nibiru which the Anunnaki termed a ‘Sar’…Each ‘Sar’ or 1 Anunnaki year was equivalent to 3 600 Earth years.

Modern Science and Astronomy has confirmed the accuracy of the Anunnaki’s Astronomical observations at the Calendar of Nippur and these still hold true today.

Using this Anunnaki understanding and measurement of ‘Time’, Anunnaki God Marduk’s waged a War between the Anunnaki Gods for control of the Earth leading to the rise of Babylon.

However, this War and his cause was deemed justified and ‘fate’ by the Gods because Marduk’s claim was properly founded on the Precession Of The Equinoxes which in his understanding of the official Anunnaki Calendar at Nippur, indicated that the Constellation of the Ram (Marduk’s Zodiacal symbol) should be observed in the skies above Earth, meaning it was Time for the Age of the Ram (House Of Marduk) to Rule over the Earth according to the Anunnaki Calendar of Celestial Time kept at Lord Enlil’s Sumerian City of Nippur.

Aliens Anunnaki Are Not Our Friends

All these kinds of ‘Time’ suggest that ‘Time’ is very flexible as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity eventually demonstrated for us.

The Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Extraterrestrial Agenda & Propaganda In Ancient History

Its our ability as Einstein did to periodically deconstruct this system by the virtue of our own intelligence that the Gods despise and the reason they never wanted Humans to possess Intelligence.

This is the true meaning of the original Sumerian Story of events in the Garden of Eden according to the AAT.

The Anunnaki Lord Enlil did not want Humans who were created as Slaves to possess Intelligence.

However, due to internal Politics and succession Rivalries, his Half Brother Enki conducted a secret Genetic experiment and encoded our DNA with this intelligence but did not give us the same long life as the Gods.

Thus it is we ate of the Tree of Knowledge but not of Life.

Its not surprising that the ‘Slaves’ kept demanding the Long Life of the Gods as well, and so its no wonder that the first recorded Epic in History is Mesopotamia’s Epic Of Gilgamesh, King of Uruk.

In this story, Gilgamesh fails in his quest for the Immortality of the Gods but eventually accepts his fate as a mortal…This appears to be a message to the Ancients aware of the original meaning of the Garden of Eden story to accept the Decree of the Gods to grant them only Knowledge but not Longevity.

Therefore what we appear to have in Ancient Sumer is early Propaganda as the earliest instance of Mass Social Control.

The system would self-perpetuate and entrench itself further as the idea of ‘Civilization’ spread out of Mesopotamia amongst the Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and then to the Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans all the way to the present day.

This Control System based on ‘Earthly Time’ has remained the same supported by different Rulers with Religious beliefs, as the names of the ‘Gods’ were adapted for different Cultures with the same Alien Entities remaining behind the veil as the Controllers since Ancient times.

Alien Agenda Propaganda Today

Predictably, the debate has played itself out in Cinema with movies advocating the different positions on whether Aliens are ‘friendlies’ or not being released.

Recently, as far as the ‘Pro-Alien’ camp is concerned, the Film ‘Arrival’ argues for Aliens as a force for good, if only we choose to understand them on their own terms.

In Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Franchise, however, the unsettling high strangeness and threat that Alien encounters pose is laid starkly bare.

In ‘Prometheus’, our romanticized quest to ‘return’ to the Stars to meet our Alien ‘makers’ who Genetically Engineered us proves fraught with danger and ends in death and disaster for the majority of the expedition.

These are the flipsides to the ‘Alien Agenda’ debate.

Aliens Anunnaki Are Not Our Friends


The Public’s perception and attitude towards the Alien phenomenon has been carefully managed and continues to be influenced by the subtext and messages in Politics and Culture since Ancient times.

There seems to be an underlying assumption or concerted propaganda campaign to ensure that the public gets comfortable with the idea of Aliens so that it does not view them as a hostile presence until its too late.

Personally, I would rather be cautious because our own History has demonstrated repeatedly the outcome when a technologically superior Civilization confronts another less technologically advanced.

So other than on the grounds of human vanity, why should our expectations differ should we come into contact with an Alien civilization that is superior to ours?

Ultimately, this is why the question of Extraterrestial Intelligence may be important because it may have implications for our future as a species.

What is ‘out there’ may be bent on destroying us if History is anything to go by.

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