Gods Of Juluka Chapter 7: The Prophetess

Tindo woke up to the smell of a laser cooked breakfast, and by all indications Sikhathele had outdone herself.

He was relieved because he needed as much energy as he could muster for what was sure to be a long day of reckoning ahead.

His sleep had been interrupted by an unusually vivid dream, and so he had only managed to get a few hours’ sleep before dawn.

In the dream he had been the Commander of a massive Military Space Station leading an attack on a battalion of Juluka Warships.

The battle had been brutal, and he woke up as his Command Station was hit by a devastating Juluka Nutrino Missile which had completely destroyed the Ship killing everyone on board.

Disturbed by the dream, He’d spent a bit more time than usual in the Hygeine Chamber as he let the Cleansing Ions pour right through him.

Now that he felt a bit more energised, he quickly dressed, and in a few short moments he was ready for breakfast, and heading for the Meal Chamber.

He still couldn’t shrug the dream off as a new Meal Chamber Kit came into view. He was sure he’d seen the Hologram Plan on the Citadel Network just before he’d left for Planet Lamu.

Clearly someone liked it a lot.

“I see a few things have changed around here while I was away?”, Tindo casually remarked as he took his seat .

“Only the best for you dear”, Sikhathele replied.

Runya and Sikhathele exchanged mischevious glances as they comfortably sat on the new levitating chairs.

“Well, lets have it then, I’m famished!” Tindo jokingly demanded with his elbows on the floating Table.

Sikhathele served a generous helping of synthetic Bacon, Steak and Eggs which Tindo wolfed down with 2 cups of Coffee.

Even though it was all synthetic, the food tasted good, and today was one of those days he needed a solid breakfast even though most meals were now taken in Tablet form.

Somehow a meal you actually chewed seemed to be more satisying than the Juluka Meal Tablets even though the Juluka assured all Federation Citizens with the aid of nutritional charts that the Tablets taken once a day were just as nutritious, if not better than the synthetics.

Synthetic solid foods were now a luxury, and Tindo was grateful Sikathele had gone the extra mile to make his return special.

“I must say, this new Kit is great”, Tindo commented.

“Is that you or your stomach talking?

Well without me, we’d still be living in the Computer Age!!” Sikhathele teased.

“I really like it daddy plus all my friends at the Academy have been talking about it. 

Can I please see the crystal images from your last trip?”, Runya asked with  excitement written all over her face.

Tindo felt gutted, and luckily Sikhathele came to his rescue.

“Daddy didnt bring any this time my love, the Crystal Imager malfunctioned and needs to be replaced.

I’ll let you do the Hologram design for the new one before we make an impression…Deal?”

“Okay, but I really wanted to see what the Methane Towers on Lamu look like.

Apparently they’re unbelievable”, Runya retorted with a slight shrug of dissapointment.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you next time”, Tindo said in a desperate bid to console her.


“Its a Promise!”

“Ok, but I’ll hold you to it”.

“Do they specialise in teaching you how to give your Dad a hard time over at the Academy?”, Tindo said jokingly as he closed the deal with a kiss and a smile.

For now there would be peace.

The special meal was soon over, and they all prepared to leave home for the day.

Sikhathele briefly mentioned something about a recent influx of Refugees arriving at the Kingu Central Space Refugee Centre where she was regularly stationed, and she was soon gone.

After Runya had Teleported to the Academy, Tindo stepped into the Teleportation Capsule but then stepped out after deciding to walk to the Citadel instead.

A chance for some overdue exercise he concluded. In reality,  he was dreading the Citadel today.

He could not bring himself to acknowledge or shake off the unfamiliar pang wracking his entire being. A feeling he kept obscuring from himself because he was afraid to recognise it fully for fear of its radiance and what it would mean.

As he strolled the Walkway, Tindo diverted his mind to more immediate concerns like the pending promotion that would surely come once the Juluka had approved his application for elevation.

He still had some nagging doubts though, and wondered whether  Juju was right all along about the Juluka?

Was it all just another self-serving Juluka Plot to keep him and the Citizens of Kingu trapped in an inescapable Maze?

Something told him that whether he liked it or not, he would have all the important answers by the end of the day.

As he approached the Citadel, his thoughts were suddenly interrupted by an urgent voice drowning out everything else around it.

A small crowd and what appeared to be a band of loyal disciples all dressed in white were gathered around a woman speaking atop the Kingu Plaza, right opposite the Kingu Central Citadel Building.

She looked slightly younger than Tindo, but her face and radiant brown eyes betrayed the presence of an Ancient Soul, giving her an aura of wisdom beyond her age.

Tindo nudged through the crowd and drew closer so he could hear what the excitement was all about. Besides, it looked like one of those incidents the Citadel Authorities would be interested in.

He would gather information and prepare a report for the Kingu Central Government if necessary.

“The Olden Gods and ways refuse to be forgotten! Children of Kingu, the Gods of your Ancestors weep for you.

Its time once again to sing the Ancient Songs in the Sacred Shrines which stand deserted and abandoned without your lofty praises and offerings.

Behold the Ancestors of Kingu have sent us to gather you into their bossomll!!”, she announced almost hysterically.

The words pierced through the crowd which stood transfixed, latching onto every word.

“If the Gods care about so much why have they left us to suffer for so long under the Juluka?”, a firm skeptical voice blurted from the crowd.

The crowd nodded and murmured in agreement.

She didn’t even acknowledge the question and continued, “I tell you that the moment of deliverance is at hand, and the one sent by the Olden Gods to relieve you from the yoke of the Juluka stands amongst us at this very moment!!!”.

The crowd stirred, and fell silent as they vigorously scanned one another.

“Point him or her out to us if what you say is true!”

The skeptic spoke out once again, but this time the crowd was less interested.

She continued as she surveyed the crowd until she locked eyes with Tindo, and broke into what appeared to be a brief endearing smile.

“I will not point out the Messenger here, for the time is not yet ripe, but soon all will be revealed.

I came here to deliver a message to the Messenger and it is this:

In your sleep have the things that must come to pass been revealed, and you must not be afraid.

We are here to help and guide you in the work that must be done to free the people from the Juluka”, she continued with her eyes firmly fixed on Tindo.

“As we were Born and raised in each of the Sacred Shrines, we have never been connected to the Juluka Mainframe like you.

In the outskirts of the City, far out in the Zig Ore Fields and free from the Juluka’s leash is the place we call home .

You must come to us now”.

By now Citadel Security Marshalls had been dispatched to break up the illegal gathering, and as they approached the crowd she screamed to the people not to lose hope, and soon thereafter she disappeared amongst the crowd.

Gods Of Juluka Chapter 7: The Prophetess

By the time the Citadel Security detail arrived, the woman and her band of followers were gone, and the crowd was beginning to disperse.

For a while Tindo stood at the Plaza perplexed.

What did all this mean? Was this somehow connected to the demands made by the Federation Planets at the Planet Lamu Conference?

He dismissed the thought of a “Saviour” as radical nonsense.

The stare and eye contact were probably also just coincidence, after all he wasnt the only person in the crowd.

Surely the outcome of the meeting with the Kingu Leadership later today would be nothing short of a solution to the legitimate issues raised by the Outer Federation Planets on Lamu?

Tindo wrestled with these thoughts as he walked past the Security Scanner on his way to his station at the Kingu Central Control Room.

He was looking forward to seeing Juju and Dimpo once again, and also felt optimistic about the outcome of his elevation application which he was certain would be addressed during the days’ upcoming meeting.

For now it was time for a Briefing with Dimpo to bring him up to speed on anything important that had transpired while he had been away.

He wasn’t in the mood for surprises.

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