Planned Parenthood

The Corbertt Report explores the history of Planned Parenthood revealing it as part of a network of Globalist Institutions.

In addition, the racist Eugenicist past Planned Parenthood currently does not acknowledge or actively obscures is discussed.

The implication is that Planned Parenthood may be part of the broader Globalist Depopulation Agenda linked to the Eugenics movement.

A Brief History Of Eugenics

The word ‘Eugenics’ is Greek for good origin. 

Eugenics purports to be an applied science focusing on genetics and breeding, aiming to achieve human perfection through selective breeding which operates by distinguishing between the ‘fit’ and ‘unfit’.

Human perfection is thus achieved by promoting reproduction amongst the ‘fit’ and reducing or eliminating it altogther amongst the ‘unfit’.

The “fit” and “unfit” classes were determined using racist criteria such that Nordic Whites fell into the ‘fit’ category whilst other Non-Caucasian Races and Ethnicities were classified as ‘unfit’.

The poor and physically handicapped were also viewed as genetically defective and thus ‘unfit’.

As a result, taken to its logical conclusion, Eugenics meant that Black people and other Non-Nordic ethnic groups should not reproduce, and sterilization was promoted as the best way of limiting reproduction amongst members of this ‘unfit’ class. 

Despites its spectacular rise in popularity in mainstream Western medicine from the 1920s onwards, the Eugenics movement fell out of favour after  World War II when NAZI Scientists were discredited following a series of horrfying experiments using concentration Camp Prisoners as human test subjects.

In America, Black people and other Ethnic groups also became suspicious of Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control movement especially after Margaret Sanger herself described the purpose of the Birth control Pill and Planned Parenthood in these terms:

“I consider that the world, and almost our civilization for the next 25 years, is going to depend on a simple, cheap, safe, contraceptive to be used in poverty stricken slums, jungles and among the most ignorant people.”

Consequently, the Birth Control Movement led by Margaret Sanger has been associated with the Eugenics movement employing Birth Control as a tool to limit reproduction amongst the unfit Races and Ethnic groups.

To this day, some continue to associate Planned Parenthood with a depopulation agenda which is investigated and illuminated by the Corbertt Report’s investigation into the funding of Planned Parenthood and its links to other globalist institutions who would benefit from this agenda.