Gods Of Juluka Chapter 6: Eden

Tindo held Sikathele in a tight embrace, letting go of the tension inside him as he kissed her forcefully on the  lips while they stumbled clumsily to the main sleeping chamber, ripping off what remained of each other’s gear along the way.

Then with the look of an orphaned child, Tindo wildly lost himself in her.

Sikhatele yearned for him, reciprocating with a vigour and tenderness that both consoled the neediness and satisfied the passions of the lost man-child that had just returned home to her.

Time and Space dissolved until once again their Souls met in the sacred space as the Elders had taught them to do during the secret wedding night coupling ceremony.

Since the arrival of the Juluka, physical coupling had been outlawed and gradually phased out.

It had now been replaced by mental coupling using a virtual intimacy interface.

The Juluka had provided many reasons for this decision including the need to limit the spread of diseases caused by physical coupling and to control the Federation population.

However, the knowledge of physical coupling had been preserved by the Akan Elders of Kingu who passed it onto each Kingu couple during a secret Ritual wedding night ceremony with the hope of preserving the Olden ways in which Children had been brought into the Realm of Kingu before the arrival of the Juluka.

In addition, the eggs and seed of each Akan Kingu couple had been secretly preserved in the fortified sacred Shrine of the Ancestors before they were sterilised on the day after their marriage under the new Juluka Coupling Laws.

Once the Juluka had outlawed physical coupling, they licenced each sterilised couple to one cloned child from a selection of controlled genetic stock kept and grown at the Citadel Infant Growth and Reproduction Facility.

All children now came out of these growth chambers, and were given to their parents after six months of growth to maturity inside the chamber.

In taking this measure, the Juluka had explained to the Citizens of the Kingu Federation that in order to prevent unnecessary, undesirable and potential defects amongst the children, it was better for Kingu Citizens to raise a child carefully selected, grown and optimised for physical health and intelligence in the infant growth chambers of the Citadel.

Despite his position as a government official, Tindo defied the Juluka Coupling Laws by engaging in physical coupling with his wife.

The Juluka had virtually taken everything away from them, and he felt it was the only sacred thing he had left.

Still he couldnt fully grasp the need within himself to rebel against this one particular Juluka Law.

After a brief silence, Sikhathele ignited a translucent electron cigarette.

“So how did the trip go?

You look anxious”.

Perceptive as always, she could see right through him.

Tindo took a slight toke of the the cigarette as Sikhatele fussed.

“Careful, the electron reserve is running low, we’ll need to get a refill soon.

Besides, I thought you’d quit.

Now I’m wondering what really happened over there”.

Eventually Tindo mustered the strength to speak.

“I dont even know where to start, except to say I couldnt bring any crystal images or presents this time.” 

“Really…Why is that?

Now I’m reaaaally worried”.

She looked dissapointed and bewildered, but at the same time he didnt know how to explain things to her.

“Well there’s serious unrest and unhappiness amongst the Outer Planets of the Kingu Federation”, he began.

We are very close to an open rebellion, and its because the Juluka have been lying to us all along.

It’s all lies Sikhatele!”

He spoke with a rising terror and hysteria in his voice.

Sikathele chuckled.

“You can be so naive at times.

Did you really think all was well in the Federation?

It seems like you blindly believe all the nonsense they preach at the Citadel.”

The words stung, but Tindo knew she was right.

She didnt always tell him what he wanted to hear, but she made sure he always heard what he needed to hear.

“We’ve been given an ultimatum to deliver to the Citadel leadership, failing which an open rebellion against the Juluka intiated by the Outer Planets will be initiated”, he finished.

Sikhatele was swift and unhesitating in her response.

“I suggest you take their demands to the Kingu Leadership at the Citadel at first light.

If the Kingu Leadership is hostile and disimissive to the proposed reforms which seem reasonable to me, then you must decide where your true allegiance lies”

Gods Of Juluka Eden

Once again she didnt mince her words, letting him know exactly what was at stake as if he didnt already have a sense.

“I suppose you’re right.  

“I’m tired now, lets go to bed”.

Tindo reluctantly admitted as he attempted to shrug the whole thing off in a desperate bid to rid himself of the immense burden weighing on his mind.

There was no need to rush to conclusions.

He would give the Juluka leadership a chance to consider the demands of the Outer Planets before deciding on his next course of action.

He owed them the benefit of the doubt at the very least…This was the sensible thing to do he thought.

Sikhatele switched off the cigarrete and the dim light in the sleeping chamber. 

Tindo’s eyelids felt sorely heavy, and he fell into a deep sleep in Sikhathele’s arms.

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