Who Is Behind The Syrian War

The Corbertt Report explores the Syrian War suggesting that it is part of a broader Geo-Political conflict for control of the Region with Saudi Arabia sponsoring proxies to retain its historical influence in the Region with the support of the United States.

The ongoing rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia is also played out in the conflict as Iran supports its own proxies to retain a foothold in order to neutralize the Saudi influence with Russia acting as its ally.

This has pitted Russia against the United States who are also competing for control of the natural Gas in the region through 2 competing pipelines .

Prior to the civil war, 2 competing pipelines put forward by Iran and Qatar aimed to transport gasoline to Europe via Syria.

Qatar’s 2009 plan involved building a pipeline from the Persian Gulf to Europe through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Syria.

Iran proposed on the other hand to build a pipeline to Europe via Syria and Iraq and then under the Mediterranean Sea.

The conflict has turned out to be one of the worst in recent History.