The Planet Lamu Conference had not gone as anticipated since the delegates from the Federation Planets had taken control of the agenda much to Tindo’s surprise.

If all the complaints that he had heard were true, then the Federation Planets were justified in complaining.

He still was not sure whether the Kingu Central Government was aware of the grim situation on the Outer Planets.

“Glad we made it out of there alive Boss” Juju’s words abruplty interrupted Tindo’s thoughts.

“I was beginning to think we might not make it out alive”, he continued.

“Me too”, Tindo replied.

“What I cant understand is whether the Kingu Central Government is aware of everything we heard. Surely, they wouldnt let it continue if they knew.

The only sensible explanation is that the Central Government is not aware.

I will make a detailed report, and bring everything to their attention.

Nothing but swift and immediate action will follow…I’m sure of that”.

Tindo felt the need to re-assure himself because even as he said it, he wasnt so sure anymore.

The unexpected turn of events at the Planet Lamu Conference had shaken his confidence in the Kingu Central Government, and he was desperate to have his confidence in the Kingu leadership restored.

He simply couldnt face the possibility that the Central Government was this flawed, and that he served such a Government…There HAD to be another explanation.

“Let’s hope so Boss, although I’m personally not surprised.

A cousin of mine has been telling me about all sorts of things happening on the outer Planets for a while now.

All I can say is that the picture thats painted to us at the Citadel does not match the experience of a large number of people on the Federation Planets.

Its something I’ve come to realise with time, and it doesnt seem like we are allowed to talk about it back home.

They want us to believe every Federation citizen is content, and that its all under control…I guess they need to do that to keep this miserable cobbled up Federation intact”

For the first time Tindo began to understand why Juju seemed so cynical and jaded about the Kingu Central Government.

He would wait and see how the Central Government would respond to his report on the desperation of the Federation Citizens.

Their ultimatum to the Kingu Central Government seemed driven more by desperation than the desire to secede, and he would make certain his report reflected that.

So far, he had no reason to think the Central Government would ignore the Pleas of the Federation Planets once the motives were clear.

He felt the weight of the entire Galactic Federation resting on his shoulders because his report might determine whether or not the Federation itself would continue to exist.

Back on Kingu, Sikhathele looked out from the Apartment Balcony to enjoy Kingu’s binary Sunset.

Her thoughts wandered to Tindo as she contemplated how he had fared on the trip to Planet Lamu.

Binary sunset Juluka Gods Kingu Chronicles

She was looking forward to the crystal images he always brought home after each work trip to a Federation Planet.

She enjoyed being able to vicariously travel the galaxy with Tindo, and she had seen enough wonders to realise that it was a blessing to simply be part of the universe, breathe its air and enjoy the experiences it brought forth…There was something divine about it.

Nevertheless, she couldnt help thinking about the everyday reality of life on Kingu.

Ever since the arrival of the Juluka, the traditions, freedoms and Culture of the Akan people had been steadily obliterated.

The Juluka initially started out as equal trading partners, but over time, their superior technology enabled them to conquer Kingu and the surrounding Planets.

Now the Akan and the peoples of the surrounding Planets were under the yoke of the Juluka.

Despite the extraction of Zig Ore and the mines dotted throughout the Federation, the Juluka had also introduced their own Religion. The people were required to attend Temple Ceremonies where their minds were connected to the Kingu System mainframe.

The experience left most federation Citizens drained, dazed and confused with many experiencing a loss of memory or of completely new memories they were sure did not exist before.

People in the Federation had lost control of their Ancestral lands, bodies and minds to the Juluka regime.

They were rumors of discontent all across the Federation, and Sikathele wondered whether Tindo had experienced any of this at the Federation conference held  on Lamu.

He could be so naive at times, and his blind faith in the Juluka regime on Kingu worried her.

She heard the sound of the apartment sliding door as it slid shut once Tindo had entered the apartment.

She was happy, relieved and anxious to see him because she was sure they had lots to talk about.

For now though she brushed her thoughts aside and welcomed Tindo home with a beaming smile and what must have seemed like a grizzly hug to Tindo.

Tindo was also happy to be home even though he had lots on his mind, but he would discuss it later with Sikhathele…He could always trust her intuition.

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