Ancient Alien Technology Of Wakanda

The advanced Ancient Alien Technology of Wakanda shown in Black Panther can be understood if we consider the broader Human Origins and Civilization debate.

The advanced Ancient Alien Technology Of Wakanda and the Ancient world including Africa is not futuristic Science Fiction. It is a Historical phenomenon that can be observed around the world from Egypt’s Giza Pyramid Complex to the Inca and Maya Civilizations in South America.

Southern Africa also has its own Chapter in this saga, and in the context of the advanced Ancient Alien Technology Of Wakanda, it references the Ancient African Munhumutapa Kingdom in modern day Zimbabwe, the presence of advanced technology in this Ancient African Kingdom as shown in the Ancient Alien Technology Of Wakanda is neither a Historical anomaly nor is it Science Fiction.

It is quite possibly a Historical fact if we consider the implications of Zechariah Sitchin’s Ancient Astronaut Theory as it appears in the ‘Earth Chronicles’ series.

Anunnaki Goldmining In The Abzu (Southern Africa)

“In the Abzu Enki’s plans was conceiving where to build his house, where for the heroes dwellings to prepare, where the bowels of the earth to enter…

“The earth there a gash to make, by way of tunnels, earths innards to reach, the golden veins to uncover…”

(Extract From The Sumerian Tablets)

The advanced Ancient Alien Technology Of Wakanda is therefore possible according to the Sumerian Tablets, if we consider that the Sumerian God Enki conducted extensive gold mining operations in Southern Africa. Evidence of extraction flotation tanks for the processing of gold, some of them using as much as 1.78 grams per ton of gold has been discovered revealing details of an extensive technical mining operation in Ancient Africa.

This provides a basis for the advanced Ancient Alien Technology Of Wakanda as the result of knowledge obtained from interactions and contact with the Anunnaki spanning thousands of years.


Connecting The Ancient Cities Of The Gods

It has been postulated that the Stone Ruins all over Southern Africa including those at Great Zimbabwe were actually ‘houses’ or base stations for Enki’s Gold mining operations. Connections are thus being made to Africa’s Ancient Stone Ruins to the other Anunnaki Civilizations like Ancient Egypt spread across the world.

For instance, the glaring similarity between the Ancient Zimbabwe Bird Symbol and that of the Egyptian God Horus in the image below provides clues to Southern Africa’s links to a technologically advanced Ancient Astronaut Alien Civilization that existed in the past.


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In celebrating a technologically advanced African Kingdom, Black Panther is not enaging in an exercise in mythology. Its unearthing not only Africa’s unacknowledged past but that of all Ancient Civilizations around the world.

Pop-Culture commentators should therefore not assign a ‘mythical’ character to Wakanda because viewing it as Science fiction unfortunately re-inforces an outmoded Historical paradigm that we may very well need to transcend.

The debate continues to rage, and it is quite possible that we are at the doors of a Paradigm shift regarding the existence of technologically advanced Ancient Civilizations around the world, including Africa as represented by Wakanda in Black Panther.

As always, when it comes to Ancient Astronauts and the Anunnaki Alien Civilization, we always recommend that you familiarise yourself with Zechariah Sitchin’s books and research which believe to be correct if you have not done so already.