10 Best Passionate Afrobeat Songs

10 Afrobeat Songs To Get The Passion Lit

Its not easy to compile a list of 10 Best Most Passionate Afrobeat songs.

However, its no surprise that Burna Boy took home 2021’s Grammy Award for Best World Music Album which is proof that Afrobeats is becoming a global music phenomenon.

Burna’s Grammy nod is the icing on the Cake confirming the hipness of the Afrobeats genre thats had the world on lock via YouTube for the last couple of years. 

There are many reasons why Afrobeats is taking over the world. In the first place, it seems like the world may be ready for a new sound.

Afrobeats seems to be the new Universal world sound that blends all the past sounds like Dancehall and Hip Hop fusing them with infectious African rhythms embedded with hints of Afropop, Afro Jazz, Highlife, Latin Jazz, Dub, Reggae and Electronica to create a familiar yet distinguishable modern African sound.

Africa is now taking its rightful place on the World stage as the effects of the Cultural diffusion that has occured over the past 20 years first through TV Channels like MTV and then the Internet has reached full circle as African Artists like Burna Boy and Wizkid show the world that Africans in general have been influenced by the same Pop Culture trends in Music and Film as everyone else during the last 20 years.

Judging from the YouTube comments, one of the reasons people across the world love Afrobeats is that it ignites their passion, and its probably already responsible for lots of Babies out there.

So below is a list of 10 Best Passionate Afrobeat songs guaranteed to get the fire started.

10. Tiwa Savage-Dangerous Love

At Number 10 is Tiwa Savage with Dangerous Love.

Tiwa Savage can be a bad girl if she wants to, however, in Dangerous Love, Tiwa Savage is sexy, strong and vulnerable as she pines for her Man like a Siren in a dreamy sultry voice that yearns into the night.

Dangerous Love captures the feeling of longing for someone to be close in the lonely hours of the late night.

9. Davido-If

Davido’s If is probably one of the most popular Afrobeat tunes as he woos a killer African beauty with promises to be a reliable man coming through at all times and never telling stories or making excuses while keeping her laced in Versace and Gucci with Billions in the Bank all because he cant resist her Juju

The big promises Davido feels compelled to make to his dream girl are definetely a testament to the power of that Black Girl Magic.

8. Yemi Alade-Boyz

Sometimes a girl just want to have fun.

That’s exactly where Empress Yemi Alade takes it with Boyz as she lets it be known that fine Boyz are welcome while f…k Boyz are quick to be dismissed.

Yemi Alamade expresses her desire for the right kind of Boy with an evocative steamy hook emphasizing that she’s in control and knows exactly what she wants.

The only question is are you the kind of Boy Yemi Alade has in mind to handle this daring wholesome Queen?

7. Olamide ft Omah Lay-Infinity

Olamide is one of Nigeria’s best veteran Rappers.

In a recent interview Olamide reflected on his time in the game and how his free flow approach to his latest album Carpe Diem differed from previous efforts.

The result is Infinity, a classic, playful tune featuring the equally magnetic Omah Lay.

Infinity is a Masterclass in contemporary African wordplay and the fact that a song about how ‘she said put it in till infinity’ comes across as Pop music is a testament to Olamide’s Artistic genius.

This song should be Taboo but its too witty, raunchy and exciting to deny, and so Infinity continues to add its weight to the chorus of Afrobeats tunes raising the body heat.

6. Wande Coal-So Mi So

At Number 6 is Wande Coal’s dreamy So Mi So.

The vibe you get from So Mi So is that of an African Warrior on an Ancient quest for an elusive mystical woman deep in the Jungles of a Lost Africa where only such women could be found by the most deserving valiant Warriors.

The women in the music video do the song justice painting an alluring picture of the intense passion that is driving Wande Coal to seek high and low for his Mystical African Woman.

A very erotic song.

5. Aya Nakamura-Copines

Sometimes a man doesnt know which girl to pick.

Aya Nakamura’s Copines speaks to this very dilemma as she teases an overwhelmed guy about which one of her friends he will pick since they’re all so beautiful.

Predictably, our poor guy cant choose and wants them all.

Aya Nakamura isnt suprised, but sadly for our guy, Queen Aya can’t condone that even though she understands that the poor sod probably couldnt help himself.

A very witty, sexy and playful tune.

4. Mr Eazy-I Miss You Bad

I Miss You Bad is an ode to the complications of modern relationships.

Mr Eazy finds himself reckoning with the consequences his childish actions which have cost him dearly in the game of love.

His decision is to Man up to his mistakes in order to wipe the slate clean so him and his girl can both stop the cheating and return to each other.

Mr Eazy’s vocals and chorus carry an authentic affecting ring of pain throughout the whole song as he moans his lost love.

3. YCee ft Maleek Berry-Juice

Juice is a riotous celebration of Black Beauty.

It reminds me of my Teenage years when we’d be hanging out at a Saturday afternoon spot and a bevy of hot girls who know exactly how scorching they are pull up pushing Daddy’s Mercedes Benz.

All Eyez on them, they know it, but you cant touch or even talk to them.

YCee and Maleek Berry put together the perfect ode to these elusive and alluring Coca-Cola Bottle shaped Beauties.

2. Wizkid-No Stress

No Stress is a prime example of why Wizkid will always be one of the best to do it.

Rudebwoy Wizi is in top form reminding me of Dancehall legend Mad Cobra in his prime.

Like the name of the song Wizkid relaxes as he calmly brags about the independent Black Woman who has it all but still needs him in her life because as Wizi puts it: ‘She says Wizi got the Stamina..’

A classy unabashed expression of desire as only Wizi can deliver. 

1. Burna Boy-On The Low

Finally the top spot our list of 10 Best Passionate Afrobeat songs is the tune that inspired this article.

Better known as Angelina, Burna Boy’s On The Low is the ultimate passion starter.

Burna Boy broke Ormeta on this track though when he revealed to the whole world what all African Men do or fantasize about doing in private with their women.

The video comments also talk a lot about how African men respect and treat women differently from Hip Hop Artists.

Even though our secret’s out, Burna Boy’s classic video will always stand out as one of the most endearing expressions of modern Black Love. 


Whether its Runtown donning a Scarface Tee on Unleash or Wizkid showing off his grill, in Afrobeats these easily recogniseable cross-cultural references have been blended with new age African rhythms to deliver a potent Afrocentric musical potion that can only be described as an intoxicating celebration of the modern African spirit.

From the infectious rhythms, to the beautiful Black women in the music videos, there are many reasons to fall in love with Afrobeats and passion is certainly one of them.

Afrobeats can also be viewed as an important inflection point in African Culture itself because it openly embraces aspects of life hitherto considered Taboo in African Culture like Sex, desire, passion and Marijuana smoking.

This internal African Cultural discourse is a very important aspect of the music which has simultaneously enabled Afrobeats to transcend its African origins.

Its for these reasons amongst others that Afrobeats is fast becoming one of the world’s most important cultural phenomena.

Hopefully our list of 10 Best Passionate Afrobeat songs will guide you in your experience of this amazing genre.

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